Nature stock photography can include any number of things found in nature including animals, plants, landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, sunsets, storms, weather phenomena and much more. Ridley & Giles specialise in botanical stock photos, but we can capture any of your nature photo needs. Our timeless nature photographs will hold their appeal for a long, long time. Nature stock photographs attempt to convey a concept using nature as the subject. For example, you could use a photograph of an intricate spider web glistening with dew to convey hard work and perseverance or to symbolize the internet. A photo of a mother deer with her fawns evokes thoughts of family and togetherness. Desert shots often feel desolate and lonely.

Nature stock photography can be used in so many ways to draw attention to your product, promote your business, portray your company’s values, illustrate your publication and much more. People are drawn to nature and will easily be able to grasp the reasoning behind your stock photos if they are of good quality and creativity. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Ridley and Giles. Get the right nature stock photography done the first time and reap the benefits for ages to come.

Tree fern detail (Chris Ridley)