With the advent of digital stock photography, more fantastical and creative images can now be shot and edited to bring you an enormous library of creative and unique images that will spice up your reports, newsletters, books and more. Unlike traditional film, digital images can be manipulated, edited, enhanced, cropped and tailored to your exact needs. We can create blank space for captions, empty or blurred frames for headers such as those on magazine covers, and much more. Digital stock photography is limited only by your imagination.

Our crisp, professional and unique Digital stock photography images are easily downloaded for an agreed upon fee depending on what type of licensing you require. Although our specialty is exotic and tropical plants, we can produce or procure any digital image for you. Let us know what you’re going for, i.e. press, publishing, personal, educational, as well as what you need a picture of or what you want it to portray and we’ll create a fitting image that is sure to be perfect for your needs. We are fully capable of traveling around the globe to get the perfect shot.

 (Chris Ridley)