Conceptual stock photography is a category of stock photos that portray more than mere objects, places, people, etc. They evoke specific emotions and signify concepts beyond the subject being photographed. For example, a picture of a light bulb can make the viewer think about more than just buying a light bulb. It can be used to portray an idea, solution or inspiration. A picture of an hourglass or timepiece evokes the concept of time, deadlines and anticipation. Photos of money can signify success, business and wealth. A picture of eyeglasses could evoke thoughts of education, business and hard work. These are concepts that go deeper than the subjects in the photo.

That’s where we come in! Coming up with clever conceptual stock photography isn’t easy, so leave the legwork to us. If we don’t have an existing stock photo that catches your eye and evokes the concept you’re going for, we’ll find one or photograph one for you with a creativeness and professionalism that you won’t find elsewhere. Our versatile images can be used for all of your business needs, advertising, company newsletters, eBooks, websites and much more. They can be easily downloaded in a matter of moments.

 (Chris Ridley)