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We here at Ridley and Giles are confident you will be pleased with our collection of stock photos that are available for download. The quality, competitive pricing and ease of purchase are unmatched. No more waiting for the licensing rights to the stock photos you want. With Ridley and Giles you can make your quick, easy payment online and instantly download the image of your choice.

Our easy to navigate galleries have been categorised in such a way that you should have no problem locating and downloading appropriate photos for your own personal or professional use. The botanical stock library is the result of a partnership between photographer Chris Ridley and exotic botanical expert Will Giles. With their talents combined, you have your pick of some of the best botanical stock photos in the industry.

In those situations where the concept or subject you have in mind for your stock image is unique and something you haven’t yet been able to find, we’re more than happy to take requests. If we can’t find something along the lines of what you’re looking for, we’re willing to do a custom photo shoot to create it. You can’t beat that in the world of stock photography!

Silverbeet, Perpetual Spinach, Spinach Beet, Crab Beet, Bright Lights (Chris Ridley)

Rights managed stock photography license explained

What is a Rights managed stock photography license? All of our rights managed (RM) stock photography is available for purchase for specific use and duration. Industry standards generally dictate RM licensing by usage (e.g. for advertising, editorial, personal or business use), duration (e.g. one month, one year, etc.), specific use (e.g. magazine article, billboard, textbook), size and exclusivity. All terms are negotiated prior to purchase and after the agreed upon price is paid, the license to use the photo for the predetermined terms transfers to the buyer along with the image.

By purchasing a rights managed stock photography license for an image and choose exclusivity you guarantee that the image can only be used by you for the duration of the contract. No worrying about having an embarrassing blunder where both you and a competitor use the same image. RM images tend to be more affordable as well since an image can be expected to pay itself off with more than one license purchase over its lifetime. This means that you as a consumer can get high quality, unique work that won’t be sold to anyone if exclusive during the life of your license at an affordable price.

Aeonium arboreum canariense (Chris Ridley)

Botanical stock photography

Ridley and Giles boast one of the largest collections of exotic and tropical botanical stock photography on the internet. Our categories include bright and colorful, pattern and abstract, textures and background and many more. Amongst our galleries you’ll find botanical stock photography portraying palms, bulbs, trees, shrubs, bromeliads, ferns, bamboo, climbers and herbs. The glowing color of blooms, the lush and verdant green of healthy leaves, the stark black and white of the abstract; we can deliver anything you can envision. Whether you need a full plant shot for a botanical journal or study, an abstract close up of the veins in a leaf or a stunning botanical shot with the sun peeking through, your search can end with Ridley and Giles’ botanical stock photography.

Once you have chosen an image, it can be easily downloaded in moments and used for the agreed upon duration and purpose for an affordable flat rate that is dependent upon the license you need. We are happy to take stock photos by request if you have a botanical image in mind that you haven’t found by searching our extensive galleries. Or just tell us what the purpose of the photo is and we’ll come up with a concept and stunning shot that will be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Amicia zygomeris (Gotta Pea) (Chris Ridley)

Plant stock photography – Rights Managed plant images

You don’t necessarily have to be working on a project about plants to be able to use one of our thousands of plant stock photography images. Our massive library offers plant stock images of exotic plants, leaves, stems, pollen, flowers, bromeliads, vines, and much more. Close-ups and texture shots can be abstract enough to use as stunning backgrounds. Specific plant photos can be used for textbooks and nature guides. Flower pictures make great greeting cards, calendars, advertisements and newsletters. Be creative and consider using some of our plant stock photography for your next publication. Plants can make wonderful concept images. They signify growth, perseverance, beauty, romance, nature and more.

Can’t find a specific plant photo? Feel free to contact Ridley and Giles to work on a custom stock image shoot. Our great photos, professionalism, attention to detail, creative thinking and passion for this line of work make us the best in the business. We make acquiring your images quick and painless with our simple online checkout and download system. No hidden fees! Everything will be approved by you up front. For the best in plant stock photography, choose Ridley & Giles for premium imagery.

 (Chris Ridley)

Professional travel stock photographer

Searching for that perfect stock photo? Have a concept in mind, but it is too specific or personalized to be found in a generic stock photo library? Contact Ridley and Giles for your very own professional travel stock photographer. We are willing and able to photograph at locations worldwide. We specialize in botanical photographs, but can either shoot custom photos or track down photos through our extensive network of professional contacts that will suit your individual needs. Our beautiful stock images can be used anywhere; textbooks, websites, magazine adverts, newspapers, flyers, billboards, signs, reports and much more.

Begonia burley marks (Chris Ridley)

We can take care of all your travel stock photo needs. We shoot the flora and fauna, the people, the cultures, the concepts that you really want. We can help get your product sold, brighten up your company’s newsletter, tune up your website, put that difficult concept into an easily understandable photo, draw attention to your business and much more. For all of your professional stock photo needs, contact us today.

New Gallery added: Editors Choice

We’ve been busy this week and have added a brand new gallery called Editors Choice, it will be highlighting and featuring all the very bext in plant stock photoraphs from the entire collection, so if you’re looking for inspiration or don’t know what to go for perhaps you should start here. To view the collection click on the image below.

Site Update & New Photos

Welcome to the new and updated Ridley & Giles website, we’ve added loads more photographs and galleries, and have over 2000 images in the back catalog that are gradually being keyworded and added to the site, so if you have any specific requests please get in touch.

Bromeliad Leaf - Harveys Pride (Chris Ridley)
Here’s a great new photograph of the Bromeliad Harveys Pride. Pretty!

Canna Cleopatra Stock Photograph

Canna Cleopatra stock photograph (Canna cleopatra chimera) – A new addition to the gallery, a few photographs for the stock archive of a beautiful Canna – this one is Canna cleopatra chimera, with it’s distinctive leaf patterns makes it a beautiful addition to any tropical enthusiasts garden. This image is available for instant download, rights managed license, personal license or a print.Strobilanthes dyerianus (Persian shield) (Chris Ridley)